Product Information


1. High whiteness, high printing density, smooth and shinny sides
2. Excellent printing technology used can make your logo or ad. wonderful in visual effect
3. Black mark sensor is dark enough
4. lowest fray of printer
5. various sizes
6. Printing color: 1-7 color offset print capability.
7. Long storage

Normal sizes

Normal width(mm): 37 ,44 ,57,75,80,110
Normal Diameter(mm): 40,50,60,75,80,100,120,150,200


  • 76mm×120mm×25.4mm


25.4mmpaper core
18mm plastic core/paper core
Or as your request

Suitable machine

Triton, Tranax, Diebold, NCR, NRT Quickjack, Tidel, Wincor and more.

Application field


OEM service

Provide OEM service: sides, core, color, packing and more


  • 76mm×120mm×25.4mm

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