Product Information


1) without area limits
2) can print split different size paper
3) High density ,flat and smooth surface, evenly cut, not break, jam free.
4) Self-obvious, hard paddling to the color, colorful and clear.
5)High sensitivity, clear printing effect.
6)With circular and elliptical holes on both sides , easy to locate quickly.
7)It consumes low energy and lowest fray on printer heads.
8)Suitable for all kinds of POS models use.


Each individually wrapped package of 500 copies, the use of PV packaging tape to ensure product sealing or can packed according to customers’ requirement.



Many sizes are available
75.5mm*5.5(140mm)-2plys/3plys; 120mm*11''/3;

The normal size is 75.5mm*5.5(140mm)

OEM pre-printing is available



Ribbon is not needed

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